Microsoft is going to issue the version of clever hours

Microsoft is going to issue the version of clever hours

Microsoft considers possibility of an exit to the market of nosimy electronics. The company already agreed with Asian suppliers of accessories on delivery of components for intellectual hours with the touch display.

The head of one of the Asian companies met representatives of department of researches and development of Microsoft in Redmond to discuss cooperation possibility in the smartwatch direction, the American business newspaper The Wall Street Journal writes. To estimate gravity of intentions of Microsoft while it is difficult.

The company has some experience in this area. Before Microsoft developed the Smart Personal Object (SPOT) technology which was realized in devices of such hour brands, as Fossil, Suunto, Tissot, Swatch and Melitta (the producer of coffee makers) later. After injection of huge weight of money in development of the software for a touch watch in cost of 800 dollars of Microsoft refused further development of technology. In 2008 the project was closed.

If Microsoft decides to enter race of "clever" hours, it should sustain the competition from other producers of nosimy electronic devices. Earlier we reported that over the version of an intellectual watch the Apple company works. According to the Bloomberg edition, about 100 people take part in this project.

Last month in Bloomberg interview the executive director of Samsung told that the South Korean company works long ago on the similar device. Meanwhile, in the patent demand, which Google sent to Patent department of the USA, it is shown, how a "clever" watch from the search giant, already in time to excite the market of nosimy electronic devices points of the added reality of Google Glass can look.

Microsoft is going to issue the version of clever hours

Irrespective of decisions of the leading technological companies, today the market of nosimy electronics is extremely attractive as promises huge profits.

Earlier it was reported that in 2014 of Microsoft plans to let out analog of Google Glass.

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