the thinnest watch in the world

The Central Standard Timing company during the CES 2013 exhibition presented the thinnest hours in the world. In the novelty which has received the name CST-01, the E Ink display is applied. At first sight a watch reminds a bracelet. Their thickness makes onlyRead More

Indulge itself to the espresso prepared in a microwave for 30 seconds

Christof Meйл (Christoph Meyl) faced a dilemma: its place of work is too far from the next coffee house, and about 600 people use office dining room. Besides in kitchen there is no coffee-machine, only microwave oven. Without wishing to refuse to itself pleasureRead More

Chinese let out a cheap mask for underwater shooting

This year we wrote about Liquid Image company novelties, for example, to an underwater mask with the Liquid Image Scuba Series chamber. Device very interesting, and expensive. The Chinese handymen like to create cheap clones therefore no wonder that there wereRead More

Valve tests three different controlers

Apparently, the hardware of Valve will come with an advancing: the head of the company promised that the whole three controlers are in a beta dough stage. Besides, Newell assured that all three devices are run in by ordinary people. Lets remind thatRead More

The advanced handle for students

The Livescribe company presented the next clever handle. The novelty which has received the name Sky Wi-fi Smartpen as clearly from the name allows to use wireless technologies in operation of devices. Who is not familiar with production of this producer, IRead More