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As most to make digital points of Google Glass (video)

The Australian who has passed distribution of the first 1500-dollar Google Glass Explorer Edition, decided not to wait the following party Glass and the hands collected analog of magic points of Google. Turned out he called Flass, such to itself(himself) pseudoRead More

Google will break to you points if you decide to transfer or sell to their third party

The pleasure will be short Early parties of points of Google Glass Explorer Edition quite recently and if is more exact, this week, started to arrive to the first buyers. However if you want to become just to one of them, think once again. Google lets to allowRead More

Video of day: Google Nexus SmartWatch

In the Network there were videos of conceptual hours of Google which differ mind and ingenuity. For certain each of you wants to learn, how Nexus SmartWatch operated by the Android operating system can look. The roller shows functionality which cleverRead More

Microsoft will let out the competitor of Google Glass in 2014

Anybody does not doubt any more that nosimy electronics becomes the following trend in the technological world. The whole world already discusses a subject of points of Google Glass. According to the last hearings, Microsoft too plans to enter race of digitalRead More

Google Glass — only the smartphone in a new form factor

We already know that Google Glass applying for a role of the innovative mobile device, are equipped with a smartphone functional. Points are able to photograph, send Sms and to write down HD video, discharging the built-in storage battery for half an hour. AfterRead More