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Who wants to become deadmau5? cheaply!

If you are the admirer of deadmau5, and have a thick purse, the interesting gadget for a suit on the Halloween can interest you. Actually, you see it higher. Here it will precisely blow up public which will see this helmet. Will hook even on those who not in aRead More

The helmet of Touchy will turn you into the person camera

How to operate a cockroach through Twitter we told in the previous news, and what you will tell into the account of person camera? Not clearly, about what there is a speech? The matter is that the Hong Kong media artist Eric Siu offersRead More

FlyVIZ helmet with the 360-degree review

No, the helmet of FlyVIZ will not make you stronger, will not give you speed of a bullet, you will not step over a building and will not get a car moving forward, but can see everything around. What does it mean? For example, can dodge from a ball which will flyRead More

The bicycle helmet of SMART reads out your palpitation

Many people who are seriously engaged in bicycle sports, often check the warm rhythm during movement. But not all consider it as very convenient occupation. Some engineers from the LifeBEAM company located in Tel Aviv, too so consider, and consequently they decidedRead More