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First-ever hours with the calculator

First-ever hours with the calculator appeared on sale in 1975 when the Hamilton company let out the first Pulsar Calculator Watch. The novelty became the pioneer as before anything similar it was not made. Nevertheless, also bit at the price. It was possibleRead More

QR hours for fans irrational

For some years QR codes began to appear literally everywhere. But recently more and more people reflect QR value, to be exact on, whether they are necessary in general. Even taking into account that is now full of software for the mobile devices, capable to distinguishRead More

Neptune Computer – the smartphone in the form of hours or hours in the form of the smartphone

To cross phone and a watch tried repeatedly, however, the majority of these attempts ended with anything. Even часофон from LG did not get special popularity that did not beat off desire at enthusiasts to continue development in this direction. Neptune ComputerRead More

Hours of Smooth Operator with functionality of phone

In old films of a genre a fantasy we saw phones which have been built in at oclock. Now similar technologies became reality. Nevertheless, they do not use wide demand, but in China regularly there are novelties, as «Smooth Operator». It is phone hybrid withRead More

Google too will be engaged in production of clever hours

It seems that in the world the boom on smartwatch began. Besides the small companies which the first entered the market with the computerized watch, the largest technological giants will take part in race, wishing to bite off the piece of a pie. The Google companyRead More