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Panasonic let out an omnivorous small lamp

The Panasonic company presented a new interesting small lamp of Any Battery Light. By sight it unsightly, but is the last thing of which his owner when, God forbid, will get to any emergency situation where it can be useful will think. The matter is that the noveltyRead More

The clever decision for the house on the basis of Linux Gadgets -

The absolute majority of decisions for an embodiment of dream of the clever house, is based on Android operating system use. And still, Android have alternatives, for example, the same Linux – it can be used with the same success in household appliancesRead More

Small lamp for a ghetto

To use a small lamp as means of self-defense thought up for a long time. Massive devices with the strong case can be found in sale easily. But, recently the range replenished with option of the small lamp executed in the form of a baseball bat. The device obviouslyRead More

GH-LED10WBW – a lamp to which does not need an electricity

Any lamp, sooner or later, is discharged. That it could shine again always and everywhere, the owner should look for the suitable power supply and some hours to wait, while batteries of a lamp will fill an energy stock. But, in a case with GH-LED10WBW lamp, allRead More

Lamp in the form of the house for a stylish interior

Kickstarter is the mad generator of creative projects. We already saw a lot of perspective development which was issued thanks to investments through this service. And, here it is possible to find cool gadgets, for example, as it is the house lamp. The idea ofRead More