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Nintendo Wii U will arrive in the USA on November 18

The Nintendo company announced that will let out the new game Wii U console on the market of the United States on November 18. It turns out before the native Japanese market where the device will appear only on December 8. Nintendo Wii U will arrive to NorthRead More

New level of immersion when viewing a sports match

Fans of sports always try as it is possible to be closer to a place of the favourite event. They buy tickets for the places closest to the arena and even specially buy huge HDTV panels that it was possible to make out better almost each pixel on the screen whenRead More

Hi-tech handcuffs with a shoker

Modern technologies come to various spheres of life so actively that sometimes do not manage to watch new development. The truth some of them are difficult be not to noticing, for example, as new handcuffs from Scottsdale Inventions. The company patented theRead More

Problem of not paired relationship of socks Bluetooth will solve

Were tired to lose the socks, bothered constantly to look for the second sock, forget to update clothes clothes for feet? Means, came to replace time all old socks with new clever socks from the Black Socks company. The Black Socks company is engagedRead More