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Winter registrar Avto – Gadgets -

Moscow, on December 26 2012г. – Defender, one of leaders of the market of the periphery and accessories for personal computers, represents Car Vision 2010 HD video registrar with a wide corner of the review, the color display and fine indicators of video filmingRead More

To remember everything: review of the video registrar of Defender Car Vision 5010 Full HD

Automobile video registrars became absolutely irreplaceable subject under a windshield of any car, whether it be expensive foreign car or second-hand six. Nobody can be sure that in a way there will be no unforeseen situation — possible options evenRead More

Points + video registrar: interestingly, but it is impractical

If to rummage on regiments of Internet shops, it is possible to find many sunglasses turned into electronic gadgets. There are points with a MP3 player, is with a Bluetooth-font, and recently there were even points with the video registrarRead More