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10 mad gadgets on the basis of Android

For the last years the Android mobile operating system grew in a big platform for various devices. Now in the world more than 500 million Android-smartphones are used, and 1,3 million new devices are daily activated. In other words, near? the market of smartphonesRead More

The Chinese Xiaomi enters the world market of smartphones

In August, 2013 of Hugo Barra, in the past the vice-president of the Google company for Android development, came over to the side of Xiaomi to help the Chinese producer of smartphones to enter the world market. Six months later Xiaomi were confirmed by readinessRead More

We will open and get the cars by means of Car smartphones -

Many probably will agree that if we could operate any electronics thanks to only one device, it would be very healthy and convenient. That is interesting, already there are devices which can partially carry out such functions are smartphones. Even more often casesRead More