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Fine hardwood has been at the forefront of the construction industry for a long time. Fine hardwoods have been used in the construction of buildings, floors, and other products such as chairs. Fine hardwood products tend to be more durable than softwood products because they are made from high-density timber. Because of their durability, hardwoods are used in flooring, construction, joinery, and the manufacture of high-quality furniture. If you are looking for wood to be used in joinery or flooring, then look no further than the oak, as it is suitable for such things. There are three main types of fine hardwoods, namely temperate hardwoods, European hardwoods, and tropical hardwoods. Cherry, ash, oak, and maple are some of the most common temperate hardwoods. Tropical hardwoods are classified as angiosperms because their seeds are enclosed in pods or fruits. Examples of tropical hardwoods include Cumaru and Kapa. Examples of European hardwoods include the oak and beech. Beech is mainly used for furniture and painted joinery. This article will be looking at some of the benefits of using fine hardwood.

The first benefit of fine hardwood is that it is strong. Though the strength of hardwoods depends on the type of tree it is extracted from, one common characteristic of all of them is that they are stronger than other types of wood. The reason for their strength is that they are gotten from slow-growing trees. They are strong because they have a denser cellular structure than other types of trees. Their strength makes them ideal for construction, joinery, and the manufacture of furniture.

People today also invest in fine hardwood because of the ease of maintenance. The fact that they are easy to clean and maintain makes them ideal for flooring. An occasional mop is more than enough to leave your floors looking good for years. Apart from being easy to clean, fine hardwood floors are also very comfortable. This is because hardwoods are natural insulators and as such retain heat. The beauty of hardwood flooring also lies in the fact that scratches and dents can be fixed easily by varnishing, sanding, and waxing.

Fine hardwood is also demanded because of its appearance. Different species come in different colors. You cannot find two hardwoods with the same patterns, and this is why they make good furniture and floors. Walnut is an example of an aesthetically pleasing fine hardwood, that is used in kitchen surfaces. You get your money’s worth when you invest in hardwood because you cannot get timber that serves you better and for longer.

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